Tips for Practicing Dance at Home

If you are learning a new dance style or a new routine, then it is vital to practice at home and in the studio. There are many ways to practice at home, such as listening to the music as much as possible. Read on for more tips for practicing dance at home.

Tip #1: Watch a Playback
When you are practicing for an important performance, have someone film your routine. Then, watch the playback when you are alone and undistracted. Watching your routine from an outsider’s perspective is a great way to notice strengths, flaws, and mistakes. This playback can improve your individual routine, and it can improve your overall techniques as you continue dancing.

Tip #2: Listen to the Music
Listening to the music, without dancing to it, is an effective way to learn the beat, hear the lyrics, and gain a sense of the song’s themes. This is also a great time to be still and visualize your performance to the music. Try to see the different movements and be conscious of any constructive criticism your dance teacher might have provided. Using this quiet time and your visualization skills will help enhance your performance from a technical perspective rather than an emotional one.

Tip #3: Find a Large Space
Whenever you are practicing—at home or at your dance studio—you should have plenty of space to move. However, at home you will not have the benefit, and sometimes hindrance, that can come from wall-to-wall mirrors. When you are performing your routine for an audience, you will not have mirrors to influence your dance, so it is important to practice without mirrors. This will help you memorize your routine and be conscious of correcting any mistakes.

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