Putting Your Child’s Art Skills to Work on Their Costume

Halloween is right around the corner, and now is a time to start preparing your family for this festive holiday. Creating Halloween costumes is a fun tradition for many families. If one of your children has an artistic side, you may want to involve him or her in the costume design process. Here is a look at three ways that you can use your child’s art skills to create a Halloween costume this year.

Sketch Out Designs

Many children enjoy drawing colorful pictures of their favorite characters. Whether your child enjoys drawing imaginary characters or ones that he or she has encountered in books or movies, drawing is a great way to start the costume design process. A few sheets of blank paper and some markers will allow your child’s artistic imagination to flourish.

Visit the Craft Store

Your local craft store may have materials and patterns that you and your child can use during the costume creation process. Whether you have a specific costume in mind, or you are gathering inspiration, the craft store is a great location to start the costume design process. The store may even have seasonal classes or workshops that help kids design their own costumes.

Explore Your Own Supplies

If you already have a collection of art supplies at home, you can encourage your child to use these materials when he or she is making a costume. Even common household items, such as recycled cardboard and egg containers, can be repurposed and decorated to create pieces of a costume. The simplest materials can be transformed into fun costumes that will add an artistic flair to your Halloween festivities.

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