Hip Hop and Breakdancing Tricks

Hip hop and breakdancing are unique forms of dance, because these dance styles feature many motions that mimic everyday movements and bend the body in unexpected ways. These dance styles evolved alongside one another with the emergence of hip hop culture in the United States, which began to erupt the 1970s. If your child has a love of hip hop music, you might consider enrolling him or her in dance classes, where all types of essential moves will be explored. Though improvisation and personal creativity is encouraged in hip hop dancing, there are some fundamental moves that will help build your child’s skills.

The Matrix Move

The 1999 film The Matrix has influenced many modern movies as well as the genre of hip hop. The Matrix move has become a staple for dancers, showcasing the mind-bending slow-motion movement that made the movie famous. The move requires a deep bend in the knees and a severe lean backwards, so it is one to explore after covering more of the basics.

Popping and Locking

Popping refers to movements of the arm and shoulder, which have been adapted in many famous moves, such as the robot. Usually a dancer will pop on one side of the body, then the other, and repeat the moves in reverse. Throughout popping, the dancer may slow down and speed up and lock in certain positions, also known as freezing.

The Bernie

Another move that takes influence from film is The Bernie, which was inspired by Weekend at Bernie’s. To master The Bernie, you’ll want to keep the arms loose and relaxed as you bounce in the upper body with a slight bend in the knees to look somewhat like a puppet.


Dancing can be a great form of exercise and expression for kids, and they can build the skills they need with hip hop dance classes in Tucson at Heart & Soul Kids Activity Center. To explore dance schedules or learn more about our other educational programs, give us a call today at (520) 818-7974.

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