How to Help Your Child Balance School and Extracurriculars

Extracurricular activities can be fundamental for a child’s development. During the busy school year, however, it can be easy for you and your children to become overwhelmed by all of your different responsibilities. By striking the right balance between school and activities, you can promote a healthy and active school year for your kids. Read on for an overview of some tips that will help you and your child balance school and extracurriculars.

Emphasize the Importance of Schoolwork

After school lets out for the day, your child may be eager to rush off to his or her planned classes and activities. However, as a parent, it is essential that you remind your child that homework and school are top priorities. To ensure that your kids are getting all of their homework done, you may want to ask to review their assignments and calendars at the end of each day.

Keep a Detailed Calendar

Calendars are essential items for any family. By maintaining a detailed weekly and monthly calendar, you can keep track of lessons, performances, tests, and other important obligations that may be occurring during the school year. Your calendar will help you to keep your entire family on track as they balance school and other activities.

Consider Multi-Tasking

Extracurricular activities can sometimes take up a chunk of your child’s time for homework and study. Depending on your child’s learning style, you may be able to encourage him or her to study or read while you are en route to a class or rehearsal. In order to squeeze all of your activities into the day, multi-tasking may become a key strategy for your family.

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