How Girls Benefit from Learning Martial Arts

Martial arts classes are often targeted toward young boys, but there is no rule that says girls can’t enjoy learning martial arts as well. In fact, girls who participate in martial arts classes from a young age may benefit in several ways as they practice fun physical activity among a diverse group of kids. At Heart & Soul Kids Activity Center, we promote inclusion for any children interested in martial arts with unique mixed martial arts classes that draw from many disciplines to ensure ongoing progress and success for our students. Let’s take a closer look at how girls might benefit from participation in these classes.

Improved physical fitness

Physical activity is important for everyone, especially young girls who might feel pressure to maintain a certain body image. Increasing strength and flexibility through martial arts can help promote body positivity in young girls while offering the health benefits of any other type of exercise.

Higher confidence

Girls who feel strong and have the skills to defend themselves will likely feel more confident as they grow up. In addition, girls who practice martial arts alongside their male peers may gain a better understanding of healthy and safe interactions with the opposite sex. In martial arts classes, genders are treated equally, so girls may be relieved of the gender expectations seen in other types of youth activities.

Increased focus and discipline  

All children can be susceptible to distractions and negative influences, which is why the discipline and focus taught through martial arts are important. With a foundation in martial arts, girls may perform better in the classroom and find more overall success with future endeavors.

If your child is interested in martial arts education in Tucson, connect with Heart & Soul Kids Activity Center. Along with martial arts, we offer classes in gymnastics, dance, and movement in a welcoming and nurturing environment where kids can have fun while learning. To learn more about us, call us at (520) 818-7974 or visit our studio in person.

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