Why Dancing Isn’t Just for Girls

Although you tend to see more female dancers than male dancers, the activity is for everyone to enjoy. Especially at a young age, dancing helps children develop their motor skills and form friendships with their peers. If you stick with dancing as you get older, you might even end up doing it for a living. Here’s why dancing isn’t just for girls.


No matter what your gender is, you need exercise to stay healthy. A balanced diet and a regular exercise routine can bolster your health as well as improve your mood. Dancing is a great way to exercise, especially because children can dance however they want. It provides a way for kids to express themselves, move around, and get quality exercise without even having to follow any rules.


Anyone who’s ever done it before knows that dancing alone is by no means a waste of time. However, dancing in a group creates a completely different dynamic and comes with a few added benefits. A dance class for children lets kids interact with each other in a healthy and positive way, which helps them make new friends. Just like team sports and any other kind of aerobic activity, dancing together helps kids get to know one another and enjoy experiences they’ve never had before.

Career Opportunities

If you’re good at dancing and you decide to stay with it throughout your life, you could even go pro. Any child with a sense of rhythm and a love for movement should be encouraged to pursue dancing, regardless of gender. Someday you could end up watching your son or daughter as a professional dancer.

We encourage everyone to dance at the Heart & Soul Kids Activity Center. If you’re interested in learning about our camps or our events, feel free to call us at (520) 818-7974. Look through our website for a look at our class schedule and calendar.

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