Start Your School Year the Right Way

As the summer months start to wind down, it is time to start thinking about the back to school season. Along with shopping for new school clothes and supplies, you can ensure a great school year by signing your children up for extracurricular activities. Gymnastic classes and other healthy activities will encourage your kids to get active and have fun once the school day has ended. Read further to receive some more tips on how to start your school year the right way.

Meet Your Child’s Teacher

Before the start of the school year, it is always a great idea to take the time meet your child’s teacher. By making an introduction before the school year starts, you can set the academic season off on the right foot. As the year progresses, you can keep in touch with your child’s teacher by asking questions and offering to volunteer for school events or other activities.

Schedule Family Dinners

If your family has gotten out of a regular dinner routine, now is the time to schedule family dinners for at least one or two weeknights each week. Even if you are all engaged in after school activities, it is still very important to sit down and share a meal together throughout the school year.

Enroll in Extracurricular Activities

To ensure that your child gets a slot in his or her favorite activities, now is the time to start thinking about enrollment. Dance classes, martial arts, and gymnastics are terrific activities that will enrich your child’s experience during the school year. By taking the time to sign up before school starts, you will get a head start on creating your schedule for the year.

At Heart & Soul Kids Activity Center, we offer classes and camps that will help your family kick start the school year. If you are seeking friendly and fun gymnastics classes in Tucson, look no further than our popular center. To receive additional information about our current enrollment opportunities, give us a call at (520) 818-7974.

Keep Your Kids Cool with Heart & Soul’s Indoor Activities

If you and your loved ones are struggling to beat the record heat in Tucson this summer, consider cooling off at Heart & Soul Kids Activity Center. Our center offers a variety of indoor classes that are held in our cool, air-conditioned facility. While your kids are beating the heat in our AC, they will also be learning valuable skills. Take a look at some of the fun indoor activities that we offer for kids during the summer months.


Heart & Soul offers several different camps that are only available during the summer season. Whether your child loves gymnastics, dance, or music, you are sure to find a camp that is perfectly tailored to his or her needs. Each camp lasts for several days, so your child can look forward to several daily sessions of fun activities in our air-conditioned studios.


During the summer months, the Heart & Soul gymnastics center is up and running. We offer classes for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. From tumbling to combo dance and more, our gymnastics classes will provide your child with a solid foundation in the art of gymnastics. Your kids are welcome to drop in and try one of the classes that are offered during the summer months.


Dance classes are also featured at the Heart & Soul Activity Center. Our company dances in a variety of styles, including ballet, jazz, and hip hop. When you enroll your child in one of our dance classes, he or she will get to practice movement in our comfortable dance studios. If your child enjoys taking summer dance classes, you can also sign up for our year-round programs.

To sign up for cool activities during the summer season, contact Heart & Soul Kids Activity Center by visiting our website or calling (520) 818-7974. Our center offers a friendly and welcoming environment for kids of all ages, and we will be thrilled to help your family beat the heat in Tucson this summer. 

Why Summer Camps and Programs Are So Important

It is important for kids to remain physically and mentally active, and that includes during their summer breaks. Summer camps and programs are the perfect opportunity to keep kids active and introduce them to new concepts and interests that could influence the rest of their lives. Read on to see why summer programs are so important for kids.

Keep Minds Active

There is usually a period of one to three months of summer where kids are not exposed to any type of academic education. This is incredibly detrimental to kids’ education, and it can negatively influence their beginning weeks in a new grade. Summer programs keep kids’ minds active by introducing new concepts and by reinforcing learned concepts. Kids are also around their peers and instructors who all contribute to mental stimulation and keep kids prepared for when school begins.

Keep Bodies Active

Summer and no school are great excuses for kids to sit in front of the television or play on tablets with little to no physical activity. These are unhealthy habits that affect kids’ physical and mental health. Summer camps and programs encourage kids to move and interact with the outside world. Many summer camps involve accelerated teachings in gymnastics, sports, and martial arts. These are great activities that keep kids’ bodies and minds active over the summer.

Keep Interests Alive

Enrolling kids in a summer camp or program is a great opportunity to introduce them to new interests. Kids can learn about physical activities, such as gymnastics; they can also learn about creative and educational activities, such as photography and science. Kids may find a new passion that they would not have been exposed to during traditional school. They can then take this new passion and develop it on their own or through after school programs and extracurricular activities.

Summer has begun, and that means that Heart & Soul Kids Activity Center has many camps starting in Tucson, AZ. We offer camps in gymnastics, dance, crafts, and science programs for all kids to stay active during the summer. We are available for more information at (520) 818-7974.