What’s New at Heart & Soul?

JUMP into the FUN this August with new classes at BOTH Heart & Soul locations! We’re excited to open new dance and gymnastics class times for your kids! Looking for a new time to better fit your family’s schedule or... Read More

How Dance Helps Your Child Develop

Everyone develops in different ways and at different rates, but exercise can help kids come into their own in several ways. Through dancing, children can build on their motor skills, get regular exercise, and possibly even find a hobby that... Read More

Why Your Teen Will Love Dance Classes

Dance is a great way to get teens active and moving while also introducing them to other kids with the same interests. Dance classes make exercising fun, and your teen might have a knack for it that sticks around. Here’s... Read More

What Are the Benefits of Team Gymnastics?

Team gymnastics offers great opportunities for young athletes to learn how to work on a team and improve their physical performance. When a gymnast joins team gymnastics, he or she will learn many life skills that can follow throughout an... Read More

Tips for Practicing Dance at Home

If you are learning a new dance style or a new routine, then it is vital to practice at home and in the studio. There are many ways to practice at home, such as listening to the music as much... Read More

Which Dance Classes Are Appropriate for Toddlers?

Toddlers love to move around, and they love to learn new skills. Heart & Soul Kids Activity Center takes these desires and blends them into comprehensive dance classes that teach children about movement, etiquette, and specific dance styles. Here is... Read More

Why Dancing Isn’t Just for Girls

Although you tend to see more female dancers than male dancers, the activity is for everyone to enjoy. Especially at a young age, dancing helps children develop their motor skills and form friendships with their peers. If you stick with... Read More
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