Healthy Snacks to Fuel Your Kids

Raising a healthy child means providing plenty of opportunities for play and physical activity. However, active kids need the right foods to fuel them through gymnastics practice or dance class, so you should be sure to pack the right snacks for your kids to bring along for their afterschool activities. This article will offer a few simple and tasty ideas for your kids’ snacks.

Fruit Slices and Nut Butter

Fresh fruits and vegetables are always a smart choice for kids to eat, but they may not be the most filling. Offering a serving of peanut or almond butter along with some sliced apples or bananas will add some healthy fats and protein to snack time for longer-lasting fuel.

Yogurt and Granola

As you shop for granola, look for options rich in full grain and low in sugar, or—better yet—make it yourself. Oats, nuts, and berries are a crunchy and sweet treat to sprinkle over yogurt, which has protein, calcium, fat, and vitamin D to sustain your child’s energy. If your child is unable to eat dairy, try swapping regular yogurt for coconut or soy varieties.

Cheese and Veggie Sticks

Kids love snacks they can eat with their hands, so take the time to slice veggies into easy-to-eat, dippable sticks. Salad dressing or hummus can be the perfect dip to get your child excited about eating vegetables. Serve them alongside cheese sticks so that your child has a fun, filling, and satisfying snack.


If you are looking for ways to keep your child active and social, check out the classes offered at Heart & Soul Kids Activity Center. You can visit us online or call (520) 818-7974 to inquire about gymnastics, dance, and tumble classes for kids from toddlers to teens. We also offer drop-in classes that can help you take a night off while your kids have fun.

Helping Your Child Select a Style of Dance

Dance classes can be a great way for your child to be active, since they will provide a fun and upbeat environment for creative movement that improves coordination and balance while building growing muscles. As you look for a dance class for your child to attend, you might wonder which style of dance he or she will enjoy the most. Here you can find some tips for choosing the right one with the help of your child.

Consider Musical Tastes

Different types of dance coincide with different musical styles, so you might want to consider what type of music your child likes to listen to. If he or she loves to listen to hip hop, then a hip hop dance class might be the perfect place to explore his or her talent.

See What’s Available by Age

The same dance classes that appeal to teenagers won’t be right for toddlers. Younger kids will have limited mobility, and they will have a shorter attention span for dance classes. Therefore, it’s important to select classes for your child to choose from that will be right for his or her age group. Younger dancers might be in more mixed style classes, while older kids may begin to specialize with ballet or jazz.

Let Your Child Explore Multiple Classes

In some cases, it can require seeing dance classes in action for your child to decide. If your child is unfamiliar with the differences between dance styles, call to see if you can drop in on practice sessions for a few classes so that your child can see what to expect.


Heart & Soul Kids Activity Center encourages the young members of the Tucson community to stay active with a diversity of dance classes for kids from ages 2-16. To explore our class schedule, visit our website or give us a call at (520) 818-7974 for more info.