Get Some Extra Practice With Skill Clinics

At Heart & Soul Kids Activity Center, there are several different classes filled with students eager to learn. However, some children need extra practice and hands-on training to perfect certain skills. Heart & Soul offers various skill clinics in dance, gymnastics, and cheer to help these children get the extra attention they need. Here is a look at the benefits that come with skill clinics:

Hands-On Training

With traditional classes, students are learning alongside several other children. While the instructors and aids strive to work with each student to learn the necessary skills of dance or gymnastics, some students may require personalized training. With skill clinics, these students can learn and master dancing and gymnastic skills with the help of hands-on training by the instructors. This training is continually repeated to help the student feel more confident and better-equipped to perform the skill on their own.

Broken-Down Steps

Sometimes, children need the individual attention and ability to understand the skill that comes with skill clinics. The instructors in skill clinics will break down a particular skill into manageable and easy to understand parts. Students can learn and practice the basic foundations and movements of that skill until they truly understand how to perform it. By continually showing each skill in a broken-down fashion, instructors can better help an individual student learn how to safely and correctly perform a skill.

Extra Practice

Students should already be practicing their skills throughout the days and weeks in between classes. However, skill clinics are another way to gain extra practice. With skill clinics, students also have the benefit of knowledgeable, supervised practice to ensure they are learning all of the moves correctly and safely.

Come down to Heart & Soul Kids Activity Center where we have dozens of classes and skill clinics devoted to teaching children about dance, gymnastics, and so much more. Our knowledgeable instructors are amazing at what they do. We fill up quickly, so give us a call at (520) 818-7974 to book a skill clinic right away.

Helping Your Child Succeed in Dance

Success in any extracurricular skill and activity requires dedication on the part of the student and encouragement from you, the parent. Helping your child to succeed in dance requires a healthy lifestyle, regular practice, and hands-on training. Continue reading to learn more about how you can help your child succeed in dance.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Your child has a better chance of success in most areas of his life when he learns to lead a healthy lifestyle. Succeeding in dance, or any physical activity, can be greatly aided with a well-rounded diet, healthy amounts of sleep, and regular physical exercise. By giving your child the tools and knowledge to leading a healthy life, he will be better-equipped to learn the correct techniques and styles of dance, which will allow him to enjoy dance for the rest of his life.

Encourage Practice

Learning a new skill requires regular practice and class attendance to truly succeed. Dance is no exception. To help your child succeed in dance, encourage him to practice every day and attend class regularly. Maintaining past skills and continually building upon the foundation can only occur when your child practices the different dance skills he has learned throughout his education. With this continual practice, he can better understand new techniques and routines that he learns in dance class.

Consider Skill Clinics

If your child is struggling to understand a particular dance skill or needs some one-on-one training, then enroll him in a skill clinic. With a dedicated skill clinic, he can focus on strengthening his weaknesses under the supervision of a professional instructor. This extra practice can teach him the broken-down steps to a particular move, which will help him to better understand the basics of other skills.

Choose the expert dance instructors of Heart & Soul Kids Activity Center to help your child learn and succeed in dance. We offer all types of classes for children of all ages, including adults. Please visit us online or call us at (520) 818-7974 to learn more.