Take Advantage of Kids Night Out

Kids Night Out is a fun monthly event where kids are dropped off at Heart & Soul Kids Activity Center to enjoy a night of fun. Let’s take a closer look at how great it will be once you and your kids take advantage of Kids Night Out.

Your Kids Will Have Fun

The older your kids become, the more important it is to find safe, yet fun, entertainment for them on the weekends. With Heart & Soul Kids Activity Center and the regular Kids Night Out event, kids can have a fun and safe time. During Kids Night Out, your kids will have four hours of games, gymnastics, crafts, and so much more to enjoy. Kids Night Out is a completely structured night with a different theme every time. During this once-a-month event, kids can even enjoy some great pizza and a yummy dessert. After you pick up your kids from their Kids Night Out experience, they will not stop talking about their great night. You will also receive plenty of new crafts and activities to show off on the kitchen fridge.

You Can Have Fun

Having your kids enjoy a fun night out is great for the entire family. You can drop off your kids in the hands of the capable staff of Heart & Soul, and then you can enjoy four blissful hours to yourself. Of course, you can use this time to catch up on chores or work, but this is also the perfect time to enjoy some fun yourself. There are no rules saying that only your kids get to have fun during Kids Night Out; this is the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy a date night, a few hours of relaxation, or whatever else that will leave you feeling refreshed.

Take advantage of Heart & Soul Kids Activity Center and our famous Kids Night Out events. We believe that both kids and parents need some time to recollect themselves and have some fun. If you and your kids are looking for that opportunity, then call us at (520) 818-7974.

Why Boys Will Benefit from Learning Dance

Though some parents are hesitant to enroll boys in dance class, this is exactly the class many boys need. They can learn about physical activity and how to interact with their peers. Let’s take a closer look at why boys can benefit with dance.

They will grow socially.

All children in various classes can benefit in a social capacity, whether they are attending dance, gymnastics, or art. However, there is a social stigma that sometimes follows boys and young men who take dance classes. By enrolling boys in dance classes—where they can learn and play with other boys and girls their own age—you can encourage an acceptance of this art form by everyone. By making this a normal occurrence, the social stigma will begin to lift off these young men, and they can enjoy learning to dance without embarrassment.

They will remain physically active.

Dancing of all kinds is a great activity to remain physically active, achieve greater flexibility, and relieve mental stress. Enrolling boys into dance classes at a young age will help establish these positive effects of physical activity and create a solid foundation. As boys grow up with this foundation, they are likelier to enjoy other sports and physical activities. They are also likelier to be more successful than other boys and girls who did not attend dance or gymnastics classes from a young age.

They will learn appropriate interactions.

By enrolling boys and girls in the same class, they can learn about appropriate touching and interactions in a safe environment. Every child will learn about discipline, which will translate into a disciplined and respectful daily life.

Give your child the benefit of dance classes at Heart & Soul Kids Activity Center in Tucson, AZ. We also offer martial arts, gymnastics, and music lessons. We are available to answer your questions at (520) 818-7974.