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Kids Night Out makes it easy for you! On the last Saturday of every month you can count on us to come to the rescue!

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Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday with Heart & Soul

Heart & Soul Kids Activity Center wants to give your child an exceptional birthday experience. Under the care of a birthday specialist, your child and her party guests can enjoy themed games and activities inside the comfortable Heart & Soul... Read More

How Girls Benefit from Learning Martial Arts

Martial arts classes are often targeted toward young boys, but there is no rule that says girls can’t enjoy learning martial arts as well. In fact, girls who participate in martial arts classes from a young age may benefit in... Read More

Which of These Dance Styles Will Your Child Like?

If your child has expressed interest in dance, there are several different options at your local activity center. Ballet, hip hop, and lyrical are beautiful dance styles that can open your child’s eyes to the world of dance and improve... Read More

Get Some Extra Practice With Skill Clinics

At Heart & Soul Kids Activity Center, there are several different classes filled with students eager to learn. However, some children need extra practice and hands-on training to perfect certain skills. Heart & Soul offers various skill clinics in dance,... Read More

Helping Your Child Succeed in Dance

Success in any extracurricular skill and activity requires dedication on the part of the student and encouragement from you, the parent. Helping your child to succeed in dance requires a healthy lifestyle, regular practice, and hands-on training. Continue reading to... Read More

How Martial Arts Can Help Your Child Focus

If your child has had trouble focusing or shows signs of frustration and aggression, consider enrolling her in a nearby martial arts class. Martial arts can give your child the focus and discipline she needs to succeed in life, and... Read More

Take Advantage of Kids Night Out

Kids Night Out is a fun monthly event where kids are dropped off at Heart & Soul Kids Activity Center to enjoy a night of fun. Let’s take a closer look at how great it will be once you and... Read More

Why Boys Will Benefit from Learning Dance

Though some parents are hesitant to enroll boys in dance class, this is exactly the class many boys need. They can learn about physical activity and how to interact with their peers. Let’s take a closer look at why boys... Read More
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